• Gustavo Giraldes

International Labour Day

Today, Brazil celebrates International Labour Day in one of the saddest pages of its history, in which it reached the mark of 400 thousand dead by the pandemic. It is important to stress this because the pandemic’s lethality is bigger in specific sectors of society: essential workers, in the frontlines of the combat against the virus and informal workers.

According to Brazil’s Institute of Geography and Statistics, over 40% of the labour force in the country find themselves in informality. Almost half of those are black and brown people.

These workers have been denied any possibility to stay home and protect themselves and their families against this pandemic since the value of the Emergency Aid programme is insufficient to cover the cost of basic needs.

Today, Brazil Forum UK invites everyone for a reflection on the relationship between work, income, and ensuring the right to the living of all workers, mainly those in informality, and especially in the current scenario.

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