• Gustavo Giraldes

Dictatorship never again

Today, the 1st of April, marks the 57th anniversary of one of the most nefarious pages of Brazilian history. Under false pretexts of protection against unexisting threats, sectors of the Brazilian society, with the support of American intelligence agencies, threw the country into an abyss of censorship, repression, and authoritarianism. Institutional acts enclosured our so young democracy, cancelling political mandates, impeding manifestations, and persecuting political adversaries. Hundreds of artists, intellectuals, activists, among others, were arrested, tortured and killed, or sent into exile. In 1969, London received the giants Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, after they had known the most cruel side of the cellars of that period. Many like them started to wander through the continents, pushed away from their loved ones. Brazil today goes through a desperate moment. And it is unacceptable that in any moment, but especially during a pandemic that has been taking the lives of thousands, affectionate mentions are made to that unhappy page in our history by public figures. We must remember this, so this page does not become merely a fading passage in the memory of our next generations. We cannot allow or country to be yet again subtracted in these dark transactions. We, the members of the organising committee of the Brazil Forum UK, understand that it is part of our role as young Brazilians, in Brazil and elsewhere, to position ourselves in a clear and succint way in regards to this. We say, in unison, no to authoritarianism, no to repression, and no to forgetfulness. So it may never happen again.

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