Digital Transformation and Brazil: where are we, and who is part/can access this process?

8/6 14h BR | 18h UK

On 8 June, starting at 6pm (UK time), the Forum will discuss issues related to the technological advances that the country underwent, and the population’s access to them, in the panel “Digital Transformation and Brazil: where are we and who can access this process?”.

Despite the growth in the number of people with access to the internet in Brazil in the last decades, especially with the popularisation of smartphones, there can still be noticed marked inequalities. These were only even more evident with the pandemic, during which essential activities, such as education, had to change to a virtual environment, in which access to energy and network infrastructure is decisive for users to adequately benefit.



Dierle Nunes

David Nemer

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Nina da Hora

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Isadora Werneck


LLM in Technology, Media and Telecommunications Law