Violence against the black population of Brasil: racism and the national wound

9/6 17h BR | 21h UK

The Brazil Forum UK will introduce the panel debate 'Violence against the black population in Brazil: racism and the national wound'. Our discussion will be composed by Débora Maria da Silva, Silvio Luiz de Almeida and Ynaê Lopes dos Santos, and mediated by Cláudia Alves and Nathália Ribeiro. From a slavery past, Brazil still produces the black population positionality as the main characteristic of gratuitous and structural violence. Configuring in racialized and racializing spaces in the violence distribution, death, and rights exclusion.

From a State and a system built and legitimized in racial selectivity, structural racism reinforces and accentuates vulnerabilities to the gender conditions and social class. It was constructed based on punitive and prohibitionist cultures perpetuating genocidal conditions. In this context, the intersectionalities of structural racism in Brazil will be debated, with perspectives from the "abolition of whites from the burden of slavery" to social movements resistant to the black population's right to exist.



Débora Maria da Silva


Silvio Luiz de Almeida

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Ynaê Lopes dos Santos

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Claudia Alves


MA in Media Practice for Development and Social Change


Nathalia Ribeiro

London Met

MSc. in Health and Social Care Management and Policy