Socioenvironmental Sustainability: ethnoknowledge of the Amazonian peoples

10/6 17h BR | 21h UK

On Thursday, June 10th, at 6 pm (UK time), we will have the panel "Socio-environmental sustainability: peoples' ethno-knowledge in the Amazon".


The original peoples have a population of 896,000 people, constituting 305 distinct ethnic groups, with social organization, knowledge, practices, and values also distinct. Ethnoknowledge is the knowledge that these populations produce through their traditions and interactions with the environment in which they live. Our debate is about amplifying the voice and knowledge of these populations as an important tool for the protection of the environment and the construction of truly sustainable development.



Danilo Silva Guimarães

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Marina Silva

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Tomaz Moreira


MA in Applied Human Rights

Naiara Tukano